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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet RC

RC’s passion for what he does is personal. After being diagnosed with diabetes, he implemented a dietary change that would revolutionize his life and better the lives of those around him​

Health Coaching

Vegan cooking made easy, I help make it fun and remove the anxiety out of it. Join me in helping you take control over your health with one meal at a time. 

Health Coaching

Meal Prep

Cooking and Coaching 

Festivals (as a vendor)

Personal Chef

“Personal coaching with commitment, consistency, and compassion, RC is your man. His steady guidance helped me to plan and carry out corrective actions to my diet”

“Thanks RC for getting me back on track and drinking more water! You're a super supportive health coach You help me set goals. I can follow this easily because you lead by example.”

"Starting the week off right! Thanks for getting me off bagged greens!!"

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